Our Story

Our Story

We started our journey working at a major field marketing organization (FMO). We worked with health insurance agents, educating them on:

  • Changes in government regulations
  • New health insurance plans of interest to their customers
  • Best practices for communicating with and educating their customers
  • How to find the best plans for their individual customers with unique situations

We also worked with a wide variety of health insurance companies from across the nation. We learned the ins and outs of each company:

  • Who to contact and how to navigate the cumbersome bureaucracies that are common for health insurance companies
  • How to avoid common pitfalls unique to each company
  • How to navigate their websites and find detailed information

We had 10 years of experience helping insurance agents and working with insurance companies. Our experience showed that many agents cared more about making money than helping people find the best health insurance plans. 

Every single person deserves an agent who will listen, care, answer questions, and be a year round advocate. So we took a leap of faith and started our own health insurance agency to do just that: Prime Choice Insurance.

We became licensed health insurance agents in 2012. In July 2013, we became a full-time agency operating out of Omaha, NE with Courtney Callaway (formerly Courtney Moore). In July 2015, Julia Suckstorf joined to expand and enhance coverage in Northeast Nebraska. We serve Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota.

We conduct appointments wherever you're comfortable: in our offices, in your home, over the phone, or even at a local restaurant. We will travel to meet you. We have customers in cities, towns big and small, and some in no town at all. Contact us today, because we'd love to meet you!